Taking Jobs You Love Vs. Jobs That Pay

“To labor in the arts for any reason other than love is prostitution.”
— Steven Pressfield, The War of Art

A friend and I were recently discussing artistic integrity. I had taken a job that paid well even though it didn’t feed me creatively at all. I wasn’t struggling with the decision — I had come to the conclusion that as long as a well-paying job is relatively easy and doesn’t take too much time away from passion projects, I’ll take on as many as I need to. His response was somewhat in agreement, though it made me think (as this person’s responses are apt to do). He said this:

Artistic integrity is a luxury granted to people who have the option of having it.

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6 Iconic Things You Didn’t Know Started As Marketing Campaigns

Some marketing campaigns will be remembered for years (How many licks…?, Can you hear me now?). Certain slogans become timeless (Just Do It, Got Milk?). Spokespeople become cultural icons (The Marlboro Man, Flo). Some brands even become so synonymous with their product they become part of the lexicon as verbs (Google, Uber).

And then there are marketing campaigns that have influenced our lifestyle to the point they’ve shifted the entire culture. We don’t question them, and we’re likely unaware that we do and believe certain things because marketing agencies wanted us to. (Why do we propose with diamonds, after all?)

Here are six iconic things that started as marketing campaigns.

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Show Up When It Counts

What separates the rockstars from the amateurs.

First, I’m using “rockstar” as an analogy for “success,” despite my disinclination to make any attempt at defining what “success” is. Second, my apologies for the clickbait-y title (it sounded good). There isn’t only one thing you need to do to be a rockstar. Obviously there are a variety of factors including genetics and probably luck. However, I guarantee all successful people have this one thing in common.

I won’t make you read this entire thing for the answer. The one thing you need to do to be a rockstar at anything is…

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10 Fonts You Should Stop Using Immediately

Most people don’t give typography a second thought when they see it. That’s ok. Fonts are like the audio in film — you don’t notice it until it’s off.

Font usage is vital to a brand image, and amateur designers tend to not know (or worse, not care) which fonts make people feel aesthetically pleased, and which fonts make people think, “I hate that, but I’m not sure why.”

Whether they’re dated, overused, or just plain ugly, these fonts need to be deleted from your life like the phone number of that ex you keep drunk texting.

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Acting Lessons That Will Help Make You More Successful

When I’m not drawing things or writing things, sometimes I’m pretending to be other people. From the moment I stepped into my first acting class I knew the lessons and techniques I learned would be beneficial to my everyday life. Actors are among the most driven people I’ve ever been around — but if there’s a profession where success and failure (and overcoming that failure) is in your face constantly, it’s in the world of acting.

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